Calcuquest Announced On GameTrailers

Trish, the producer of Calcuquest and co-founder of YummyYummyTummy, went on GameTrailers to introduce our next game! Nommons: Calcuquest is a monster catching RPG where you use math as your weapon. How?


  • Players attack enemies using addition and multiplication.
  • Subtraction and division abate enemy attacks.
  • If you can deplete an enemy’s HP down to exactly zero you’ll capture that monster. Captured monsters fight alongside you as friends!
  • The power of Mathemagic is the key to beating bosses. Every character and monster has a favorite number. In the video, Wubblee’s favorite number is 1. If a number you make has 1 as the last digit you’ll charge his Mathemagic power. Wubblee uses Cosmos magic and has spells that bend gravity.
  • Calcuquest has a multiplayer mode.

    There are no “correct” or “incorrect” answers in Calcuquest. Players are free to formulate equations Check out the video and if you have any questions about the game contact us.



    • On November 10, 2014