Build a universe and then share it with the world

Nommons: Math Universe allows players to share worlds they create with friends without the need to go online. When you’re done build a world click on the “share” button to get a special password for your universe that you can give to other players.

If you have a password you can type it in the share menu to visit a friend’s universe.

nommons1 password

Try the password K5FNFH8L85JWH – QFYAP27ZXF9RT to visit a flying fish world we created.

Introducing Nommons: Math Universe

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“Nommons is a math game your kids can sink their teeth into.” – iPhone Life Magazine

“I think it definitely helps her learn the math concepts that are so boring on paper worksheets from school.” – See Mom Work

“Tying math in with creativity is a pretty potent combination, and one that could well serve young gamers and students.” – Technology Tell

Nommons: Math Universe covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division all for just $1.99 on iOS. Our game has absolutely no in-app purchases, advertising, or data tracking.

Learn Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, And Division with Nommons: Math Universe

Build your spaceship by solving math problems and then go on an outer space voyage.

The fun doesn’t end when your ship crashes. You can continue where you left off by rebuilding your ship with the power of math!

Meet the Team

Created by a team that worked on Sesame Street, World of Warcraft, and The Simpsons.


Nommons Story

The Nommons are off on a new galactic adventure

The Nommons are homesick. Wublee_frust_000

One night after dinner, Wubblee gazed at the starry sky between the popcorn dipper and moonpie to his home far away in the galaxy. All of the Nommons longed to visit their home, but someone ate the map after Captain Redrigo made a crash landing on Earth.


Engee_happy_000Luckily, they have the most talented engineer in the galaxy with them! Engee has been working very hard on fixing the ship, but she could use your help.


Nibblee with ship idle


In Nommons: Math Universe, players can help the Nommons rebuild their ship by solving math problems. After they patch up the spaceship, they can fly through the galaxy to look for their home.