Introducing Nommons: Math Universe

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“Nommons is a math game your kids can sink their teeth into.” – iPhone Life Magazine

“I think it definitely helps her learn the math concepts that are so boring on paper worksheets from school.” – See Mom Work

“Tying math in with creativity is a pretty potent combination, and one that could well serve young gamers and students.” – Technology Tell

Nommons: Math Universe covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division all for just $1.99 on iOS. Our game has absolutely no in-app purchases, advertising, or data tracking.

Learn Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, And Division with Nommons: Math Universe

Build your spaceship by solving math problems and then go on an outer space voyage.

The fun doesn’t end when your ship crashes. You can continue where you left off by rebuilding your ship with the power of math!

Meet the Team

Created by a team that worked on Sesame Street, World of Warcraft, and The Simpsons.


Nommons Story

Build your own Spaceship Sammitch

I hope everyone is enjoying Nommons: Math Universe. In the game you can help Nibblee rebuild his spaceship. You can also make your very own spaceship Sammitch and hang it in your room. Here’s how you can do it.

Nibblee_T_5 Sammitch Instructions

The best compliment about Nommons: Math Universe we got so far


We showed Nommons: Math Universe at Meltdown Comics at a Halloween event for families. A bunch of kids dropped by to help Nibblee rescue his friends. All of them left with a smile and a Tootsie pop. The parents we talked to were just as happy since Nommons: Math Universe was encouraging their children to practice math.

One of the kids playing Nommons: Math Universe was around five or six years old. In the beginning, she struggled with double digit addition, but we and her parents watched as she improved with each play. We were all pleasantly surprised how quickly she went from asking her dad for help to solving problems on her own. I wrote down this feedback and used it to further adjust how the game adapts math question difficulty levels.

The best compliment we got during the event was a mom had to pull her kid away from Nommons: Math Universe – a math training edugame – to browse comics. Mission accomplished.