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Our mission at YummyYummyTummy is to trick kids into learning! We cook up satiating educational games by mixing two scoops of fun with one helping of knowledge and a dash of creativity.

YummyYummyTummy believes collaboration is the cornerstone of prosperity. Here are some of the awesome partners we worked with:


YummyYummyTummy & StartEngine

YummyYummyTummy graduated from StartEngine, the largest startup accelerator in Los Angeles, where we met our mentor Activision co-founder, Howard Marks.


YummyYummyTummy & Sylvan Learning

YummyYummyTummy brought the Nommons to SylvanPlay, Sylvan Learning’s curated mobile games network.


YummyYummyTummy & Wii U

YummyYummyTummy is developing Nommons: Calcuquest for Wii U.



YummyYummyTummy along with our friends at GungHo Online Entertainment spread the love to other indie game developers by co-founding and hosting Indie Games Live, an exclusive indie game showcase for media and industry insiders during GDC Next and PAX East.


YummyYummyTummy & NIS America

YummyYummyTummy created Character Chowdown in collaboration with NIS America, a game where Disgaea characters help players master katakana and hiragana.



YummyYummyTummy is a licensed PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita developer. We’re developing an unannounced game for PlayStation platforms.


YummyYummyTummy is committed to protecting your privacy online. We do not collect any user information for YummyYummyTummy published apps and games. Please see our privacy policy for more details.