Nommons: Calcuquest Coming In 2015

Nommons: Calcuquest

Nommons: Calcuquest is a brain-bending RPG where you can cast spells and capture monsters with nature’s language–math. Use the power of addition & multiplication to attack monsters and defend yourself with subtraction & division.

There are no “correct” or “incorrect” answers in Nommons: Calcuquest. Players are encouraged to think creatively and formulate more complicated equations to deal more damage.

Keep your eyes peeled for dozens of monsters such as Business Griffin, Lee Rex, Balloon Cat, and Astro Bear in Nommons: Calcuquest. Catching a monster is as easy as π, just bring a monster’s HP down to exactly zero and they’ll join your team.

Nommons: Calcuquest Shown On GameTrailers

Trish, the producer of Nommons: Calcuquest and co-founder of YummyYummyTummy, went on GameTrailers to introduce our next game! Nommons: Calcuquest is a monster catching RPG where you use math as your weapon. How?


  • Players attack enemies using addition and multiplication.
  • Subtraction and division abate enemy attacks.
  • If you can deplete an enemy’s HP down to exactly zero you’ll capture that monster. Captured monsters fight alongside you as friends!
  • The power of Mathemagic is the key to beating bosses. Every character and monster has a favorite number. In the video, Wubblee’s favorite number is 1. If a number you make has 1 as the last digit you’ll charge his Mathemagic power. Wubblee uses Cosmos magic and has spells that bend gravity.
  • Nommons: Calcuquest has a multiplayer mode.

    There are no “correct” or “incorrect” answers in Nommons: Calcuquest. Players are free to formulate equations Check out the video and if you have any questions about the game contact us.

    YummyYummyTummy Teams Up With SylvanPlay

    Sylvan Play

    YummyYummyTummy is bringing the Nommons to Sylvan Learning’s mobile games network, SylvanPlay, with Nommons: Math Explorers. SylvanPlay is a library of fun, Sylvan-approved educational apps made for grades 1-4.

    Be on the look out for Nibblee’s arrival on SylvanPlay later this year!

    A special Nommons: Math Universe review from See Mom Work

    Diagnosis: ADHD/ODD – RX: Awesome Math App

    “When I asked my daughter how she liked it, she told me, ‘I love driving the space ship to get the candy.’ I think it definitely helps her learn the math concepts that are so boring on paper worksheets from school. I highly recommend downloading some fun, creative math apps if your child struggles with disinterest in math at school and is more of a creative learner,” says See Mom Work.